Our instructors and guests


Founded in 2006

Our instructors at the ESS are active professionals from the industry, as well as our many guest instructors from all over the World, being specialist in their respective fields.

The ESS workshops are held in close collaboration with members of Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int., founded by Jacob Malm Carlsen (DK), and the daily workshop process is managed by Anne Rasmussen (DK).

The staff of the ESS is

  • Jacob Sebastian Malm
    (Founder / Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int.)
  • Anne Rasmussen
    (Manager / Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int.)
  • Daniel Freyr Eliasson
    (Manager / Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int.)

Guest instructors

  • Johan Lindqvist (Stunts)
  • Tim Man (Hong Kong Martial Arts)
  • Andy Long (Hong Kong Martial Arts)
  • Tina Robinson (Sword-fighting and Weaponry)
  • Martin Kallesøe (Streetmovement)
  • Julius Hjernøe (Streetmovement)
  • Klaus Hjuler (Handgun Handling)
  • Knud Erik Poulsen (LIVE firing range shooting)
  • Eagle Shark (SWAT)
  • Christian Schandorph (Special Effects)
  • Karin Kasulina (FlyGrossing)
  • Ally McClelland (Horse stunts)