We receive a huge amount of questions regarding the training and the industry in general on a daily basis – below you will find answers to the most common questions:

Where does the workshops take place?

Unless stated otherwise, the workshops all take place at our training venue and facility south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do I have to pay for accommodation?

No, accommodation in a shared room is included in the workshop cost. If you are arriving the day before the workshop starts and leaving the day after, you will have to provide your own accommodation for those nights. We recommend everyone to stay at Urban House next to the central station.

Is it close to the airport?

Our venue and training facility is 1 hour and 45 min. south of Copenhagen Airport, that’s why we have included a pick-up from Urban House the first morning of the workshop (09.30 hrs.), and from here we will go to the venue together. There will be a return transfer going straight to the airport (app. arrival 18.30 hrs.) and then Urban House the last day of the workshop.

Where are we staying during the workshop?

Right next to our venue, we have very comfortable accommodation at The Factory Lodge where you will be staying in a twin, or triple room. Breakfast is included here.

What about lunch or meals – are they included?

Breakfast at The Factory Lodge is included, but you have to manage your own lunch. There is a pizzaria next door, and a good supermarket. Usually we go out for dinner in the evening. Bring a mix of cash and credit cards to make sure you will stay alive!

Will I get a certificate from the training?

Yes! You will receive a certificate from the ESS.

Can I use it to get jobs afterwards?

Depends… It’s not a “stamp of approval”, but it shows what you have been trained in. It’s up to you to keep your skills up-to-date, and it requires regular training to keep everything in shape.

Have any of your students succeeded in the industry?

Yes! Returning home, several of our students has contacted stunt teams or coordinators in their local area, and that have led to everything from minor roles to big performances. We encurages everyone to do the same!

Do I have to bring my own protective gear?

Yes, you should bring the most common protective gear. Your knees and elbows will get some bruises, but it’s also a good idea to bring back- and teethprotectors. We have several for you to borrow.

Didn’t help you?

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