We receive a huge amount of questions regarding the training and the industry in general on a daily basis – below you will find answers to the most common questions:

Where does the workshops take place?

Unless stated otherwise, the workshops all take place at our HQ and facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do I have to pay for accommodation?

Yes, you have to book your own accommodation in Copenhagen. We recommend to either find a hotel or Airbnb near Christianshavn or close to Copenhagen Central Station .

Is it close to the airport?

Very, it’s 15-20 minutes away with the metro.

What about lunch or meals – are they included?

No, this would be up to you to provide, but there plenty of places to eat and buy groceries in the area.

Will I get a certificate from the training?

Yes! You will receive a certificate from the course you have participated in.

Can I use it to get jobs afterwards?

Depends… It’s not a “stamp of approval”, but it shows what you have been trained in. It’s up to you to keep your skills up-to-date, and it requires regular training to keep everything in shape.

Have any of your students succeeded in the industry?

Yes! Returning home, several of our students has contacted stunt teams or coordinators in their local area, and that have led to everything from minor roles to big performances. We encurages everyone to do the same!

Do I have to bring my own protective gear?

Yes, you should bring the most common protective gear. Your knees and elbows will get some bruises, but it’s also a good idea to bring back- and teethprotectors. We have several for you to borrow.

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