WELCOME to the European Stunt School!

European Stunt School

We are happy that you might be considering attending one of our professional workshops.

Under the WORKSHOPS section, you will find the description, dates and costs of the next available workshops.


Founded in 2006 by Jacob Malm Carlsen / Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int., the European Stunt School is aimed towards giving an extensive look into the world of stunt and how the industry works. What kind of training will you need to move on, what type of skills would be good to aquire, how to build a network and advance within your dream. Taught by professional stunt performers, fight directors, stage artists and soldiers.

All our INSTRUCTORS are industry professionals and work with productions on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy your stay and please send us a message if you like or are considering joining us.

The European Stunt School provides our participants with professional and competitive training in:

  • Fighting for film and stage
  • Hong Kong film fighting
  • Swordfighting and weaponry
  • Acrobatics and movement
  • Firearms for film
  • SWAT Tactical training
  • Stunt rigging
  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Special effects
  • Burns and fire stunts
  • High falls
  • Stunt- and precision driving


“Thank you once again for a great workshop, to the wonderful instructors, and of course the fantastic crowd of people who made the weekend so much fun! You all rock.”

Miriam Christine Raagaard (DK)

“The delivery was perfect. Relaxed enough to make us feel at ease and very professional for the serious elements to come through in a safe manner. The week flowed very well. You have a great team of people on board that are as talented as they are committed”

Marc Edwards (UK)

“I am grateful to all the instructors that are true professional and made this possible. It’s nice to be able to surround yourself with such beautiful people and feel great and full of a new energy. Also I want to thank everybody in this beautiful stunt group! A big hug to everybody hope to see you soon! Can’t describe how much am I feeling good!”

Daniele Balconi (IT)

“Such great group of people! Helpful, passionate, experienced and patient.”

Matišić Nikola (SE)

“I had a great time last weekend at the fire workshop and it was a good class. It was nice meeting everybody…”

Rick Danner (US)

“You are the best! Thank you for everything!”

Roman Neso Laupmaa (ES)

“Can’t wait to join you again!!”

Francesco Carradori (IT)

“Thanks to Jacob Malm and his fantastic team of instructors that put a lot of effort into each and every day of training on the course. Myself and the pak mei team are thrilled and privileged to have got to know you all in such a small intensive space of time. I truely hope that we will all meet up again sometime in the future.”

Dave Stevens, Pak Mei Athletic Association UK & Europe (UK)

“Wish it was a whole week! Hoping I can make the next one!”

Huw William Hægeland Reynolds (NO)